I am an Urban Designer who is interested in Programming and Computer Science.

Mohammad Rabiei is an urban designer who is interested in programming and computer science. He was born in 13th of July, 1991. He currently works on his project about public places.

Mohammad RabieiIt's Mohammad Rabiei!

I was born in 13th of July, 1991. I made my first software in 2005 by visual basic. I have worked with WordPress since 2011, and web programming has been the main part of my pleasure time. I was graduated in BA of Urban Planning and Master of Urban Design. Before I started "Urban Design Network Society" in 2014, I had been working in "Parsirad Iranian co." for couple years. During that time I was working with "MiddleEaster Event Creator Group". In December of 2014, I participated in Eco Responsive Urban Design seminar and workshop -which lectured by Prof. Ian Bentley- as manager of the executive committee. I have held Urban Design and its Governance seminar and workshop which lectured by Prof. Matthew Carmona in February of 2017. These days, I spend most of the times om my project about Public places.

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China Travelogue

This is a travelogue from my travel to China. So, I call it: China Travelogue. It goes without saying that, throughout the history, China was one of the largest empires in the world. The Qing dynasty, also known as the Qing Empire, officially... Read The Rest →

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The Day of Hafez

Hafez was known as a Persian poet who “lauded the joys of love and wine but also targeted religious hypocrisy.” , I have read this poem before in my free time and I really enjoyed. Today is The Day of Hafez,... Read The Rest →

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How to study smart?

This summer and autumn I met some clever and smart students who are getting ready for university entrance exam in master degree. Very soon we made a good friendship with each other and I found their concerns about passing university entrance... Read The Rest →

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Criteria for Urban Design

This paper is part of the operational criteria for Urban Design which was written in Department of Urban Design and Architecture of the  Institute of Eco Design Idea in collaboration with the Urban Design Network Society of Iran. The aim of... Read The Rest →

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My first experience as a Mentor

Finally, Urban Design Sketching Courses in 2015 has finished. It was my first teaching experience. I wish all 148 students – whom become my friends- will be successful not only in their exam but also in all entire life. During last couple... Read The Rest →