How to study smart?

This summer and autumn I met some clever and smart students who are getting ready for university entrance exam in master degree. Very soon we made a good friendship with each other and I found their concerns about passing university entrance exam as mine. But after they attend in the quizzes, they couldn’t achieve a good score. I thought the main reason that they can’t achieve a good score is that they don’t study enough. But after surfing in net I found that main reason of this issue is the way they study. I want to share the result of this research with you because I think it can be useful for other students to study smart.

The Result of Research:

The first research about good habits of studying and increasing productivity was done in the first decade of 19th. Those days research, resulted as assigned specific desk or devote specific time to study. These are a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition.

After following a research which is a team of three psychologists done in the middle of 1970, a parameter such as change your study space or interrupting a log study can make a change in your efficiency. The detailed research process is as follow: the psychologists chose 40 persons as the same IQ and they gave them forty words with four letters to remember. They review the word once more. During this research people separated to the 2 group: the first group tried to remember the word in a room with sufficient light and after a time period they were asked to review the words with same conditions, the second group tried to remember the words same as the first group, but they had to review the words in the new room with different condition.
In the exam time, there were 10 minutes for every student to write down the words, the results were amazing. The first group wrote 16 words on average, but on the other hand, the second group wrote down 24 words on average.

This simple change in the room improved their learning 40 percent.

Totally. not only where you study is important but also how you study is considered as a part of the environmental condition, pay attention to them! Items such as highlighting tips, write down the tips or type them are effects on your learning.
From now, for reviewing a book you have read change conditions. If you don’t have the ability to change the atmosphere, change your study mode. Study when you stand, if you are sitting. If you are studying while you are sitting change your position or even study when you are walking. All these tiny hints can effect on your reading quality. This changes can include time of reading (if you study in the morning, change it to evening), place of reading, the condition of reading (if you study in silence, change it on reading with music for review the book) and etc.

For staying your mind fresh, keep changing in your life change your café shop, change a direction between home and office.
The conclusion I found was that if we want to learn in the hard situation, we have to be busy with learning, at any time and any condition.

Mohammad Rabiei

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