The Day of Hafez

The Day of Hafez


Hafez was known as a Persian poet who “lauded the joys of love and wine but also targeted religious hypocrisy.” , I have read this poem before in my free time and I really enjoyed. Today is The Day of Hafez, I tend to show my respect and faithfulness to this matchless poet by posting the sketch of his tomb I draw and one of my favorite poems of his.


For years my heart was in search of the Grail
What was inside me, it searched for, on the trail

That pearl that transcends time and place
Sought of divers whom oceans sail

My quest to the Magi my path trace
One glance solved the riddles that I Braille

Found him wine in hand and happy face
In the mirror of his cup would watch a hundred detail

I asked, “when did God give you this Holy Grail?”
Said, “on the day He hammered the world’s first nail!”

Even the unbeliever had the support of God
Though he could not see, God’s name would always hail.

All the tricks of the mind would make God seem like fraud
Yet the Golden Calf beside Moses’ rod would just pale.

And the one put on the cross by his race
His crime, secrets of God would unveil

Anyone who is touched by God’s grace
Can do what Christ did, without fail.

And what of this curly lock that’s my jail
Said this is for Hafiz to tell his tale.


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